Born in Nanaimo, British Columbia, the youngest of five children, Tony is a sixth generation Harris to call the city home. He started his first business at seven selling peanuts from a $0.25 vending machine in his dad’s car dealership. Start-up capital came from Tony’s winter weekend routine of collecting dropped change from under the lift ticket booth grates at Mt. Washington.

He graduated with an English Literature Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Western Ontario. That year he founded CanRepel Products Inc. to manufacture deer repellent recipes invented by his grandfather; a licensing agreement with TerraCycle created a sales channel for one SKU through 1800 Home Depot locations; Tony is now a shareholder in TerraCycle.

The Tony Harris Hockey Classic charity street hockey tournament raised more than $75,000 over five consecutive years.

Tony graduated class president from the NADA Dealer Academy followed by Executive Education at Babson.

He was an early stage investor in DrivingSales LLC. and is an active advisor to the founder and CEO.


Community + Giving

Giving back and community involvement are intrinsically woven through the fabric of the Harris family. Tony has always endeavoured to do his part with community involvement and philanthropy. Here are a few examples:

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